Real Time SCM

Currently planning models and levels of planning processes supported by business software are usually separated with respect to concepts and methodology, people and software technology and often organized in strict hierarchies. This separation requires mass data transformation and data transfer between the separate planning models by batch data processing. Batch data processing is also common in so-called planning runs, which are still often executed at idle times over night. Hence conventional business software often has shortcomings in accuracy, reliability, flexibility and speed with regard to the business processes it supports.

ORSOFT solutions, with their in-memory database concept, adress these shortcomings. In-memory data processing yields reliable, feasible planning results within a short response time. Interactive and simulation-oriented planning processes can replace batch data processing while still using only business data from the central business system (such as SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA). This common unified business data storage allows planning processes to be executed at any time, instead of executing planning activities in fixed cycles as it is still common in many enterprises. Strategic long-term planning can be seamlessly integrated with short-term detailed scheduling and strategic simulations can be evaluated on all planning levels.

Based on this concept of planning at any time with short response in real-time some business processes - which previously involved batch data processing - can be transformed into interactive response processes, based on the existing business system implementation (such as SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA) and business data. Examples for such interactive response processes are capable-to-promise checks for sales requisitions that can be answered during a phone call, simulations for project network planning (e.g. with SAP ERP PS) or interactive margin optimization.